The souvlaki shop Pito...gyros, located in Iroon Square in beautiful Ermoupoli,Syros, is available on a daily basis offering the most delicious grilled meat flavours! Equipped with love and passion we opened a new business in Iroon Square, in order to fill your plate with unparalleled culinary delights using only the freshest and carefully selected materials.

Always with the highmost respect for the customer we use the best ingredients, ensuring the high quality of the final product. In our grill house restaurant you can taste a wide selection of souvlaki dishes, grilled meat, fresh salads and special delicacies that will satisfy even the most demanding customers!

All of our souvlaki dishes are handmade, and the meat is carefully selected.

Furthermore, our salads are freshly made, and dressed with extra virgin olive oil. Traditional dishes with the freshest and purest ingredients from the grill house restaurant Pito…gyros in Ermoupoli, Syros.


All this can be delivered directly to your house
​simply by calling the following numbers: 
2281 301 500  &  6985 728 447.


View our menu! here 

In Pito...gyros, in Syros, we serve souvlaki dishes and grilled meat with delicious accompanying sauces, delicious appetizers and fresh salads.
Our staff consists of young people who are eager to work and aim to provide our customers with direct, fast service and the best grilled delicacies in town!

Our menu includes: pork gyros, chicken gyros, chicken souvlaki, pork souvlaki, pork belly, classic kebab, beef burger, chicken burger, sausage, pita bread, vegetarian menu, yogurtlu kebab, skepasti, chicken chops, meat platters, fresh fries, fries a la carbonara, cheddar fries, PDO feta, grilled halloumi, handmade tzatziki, cheese dip, spicy cheese dip, salads, sauces, yogurt sauces, BBQ sauces, soft drinks, beer, ouzo, raki and white wine.
Top quality, superior service and unparalleled flavours, only in Pito...gyros, in Iroon Square.


Contact us

Grill house restaurant – Souvlaki shop
Iroon Square, Ermoupoli
Postal Code: 841 00, Syros

Tel.: 2281 301 500
Mob.: 6985 728 447 (WHAT'S UP)

Working Hours: 12:00 - 23:30
Delivery Hours: 18:00 - 23:00

Minimum order: 6,00€ - Outside the city centre: 17:00€

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